It’s Monday ✿

Today was my fake Birthday!

The reason I had a fake one was because mine birthday is in August so I celebrated it (not really, I just got a comfy chair) in school today!

I’ve also been working on ALOT of stuff lately.

Things to do with dubs, covers/collabs and prep for my grad which is coming up!

So I’ve been really busy, and tired and lazy… ^_^”

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately.

My OneDrive is filled with my Quebec pictures and my computer is full so a bunch of my programs haven’t been working…

Including Audacity which I use to record X-X


I don’t like recording on the program I use to record because it’s confusing -_-


I’m so tired and I’m trying to sort things out but I get attached to my pictures???

Even my phone storage is full

RIP me





See you later and I hope you have a nice day!






Song From/By (featuring, notes)

ECHO Crusher – P (Gumi)

Romeo & Cinderella doriko (Hatsune Miku)

drop pop candy [ENGLISH] Giga-P, Reol (Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka | JubyPhonic)       


Sakura Kiss Ouran High school Host Club

Golden Time Golden Time

Haneikyuu-teki ni Aishite yo♡ Golden Time

Black Paper Moon Soul Eater

Crossing Field [ENGLISH] Sword Art Online (Amanda Lee)

Ignite [ENGLISH] Sword Art Online (Amanda Lee)

Yuukei Yesterday [ENGLISH] Shizen no Teki-P (IA | JubyPhonic)

irony OreImo

Forever We Can Make It! To Love-Ru

My Secret Kaichou wa Maid-Sama


Are any of you guys animal lovers?

I have two doggies and a video my sister posted a few months ago has reached 2 million views!!!

She’s using that to an advantage and is asking those to take the time to donate to our local Humane Society,

So if you guy’s have money to spend, please donate by viewing the links below!

Every penny– wait those don’t exist…

Every bit counts!!!


Original Facebook Post

Where to donate

Youtube Video


Please share the links and show them to your friends!

Have a nice day, bai~!



If you watched my recent upload (from my original account), you might’ve noticed something a little strange… My voice!

If you want you can read the description but I guess I’ll go into some detail here???

Anyways, in the future I was/am planning on making Vocaloid like covers (robot-y) but this time I accidentally used an effect I didn’t mean to use. I really liked it though XD

So when I removed the effect I was like “Aww… Now my voice is boring…” so I kept it with the effect and added a vocoder to the fill track (with a good amount of decay 😉 )

♥If you want to hear the song with my normal mixing click here

(Plus downloads)

(boring compared to the robot-y thing right?)

I actually didn’t use any robot-like effects, those were my voice cracks XD


So I’m planning on doing a few more IDOLM@STER covers before I do some legit covers

The ones I have been doing are more like practice

I also have to finish for my lines like my Persona Q Manga Dub or my Wonderful Rush muse

I also made a personal (I have no life so it’s boring) Twitter which is @shsl_hyppo which is also in the sidebar


If you didn’t get the title of this post, my real name is Amor, and I love Danganronpa’s Mechamaru (Nekomaru).


So I guess that’s it for now… Bai!


It is Monday ✿

So every now and then I’ll I have some updates! Whether they are about my projects, everyday stuff, you know.

Anyways, so I’ve been a little under the weather the past week (I blame my sister who was coughing everywhere) but I ended up posting some stuff on my original Youtube account (the vids are so bad omf)

Later today I’m probably gonna upload a video of me dancing in my monkey onezie XD

For my covers, I’m working on Dazzling World on while I’m not working on my VA works (some of which are also singing) and collabs.

I’m also eating frozen yogurt XD

My sister works at a frozen yogurt shop and she gets a pint/or bowl thingie for free for every shift, whatever fits, she gets!


So I guess that’s it for today’s update, bai~!


Hello world!

I don’t know how far I’m gonna get in the net idol world, but I’m gonna try my very best! Oh wait… I totally forgot to introduce myself! My stage name is Ai meaning ‘love’. I’m one of the main six members of the ѕρє¢тяαℓ ηιgнтѕ Project. Though we haven’t posted anything yet, be ready to blown away! I hope all goes well. See ya later!

Oh BTW, on this blog you might see some posts about what I’m doing, progress reports, samples, or maybe something random!