It is Monday ✿

So every now and then I’ll I have some updates! Whether they are about my projects, everyday stuff, you know.

Anyways, so I’ve been a little under the weather the past week (I blame my sister who was coughing everywhere) but I ended up posting some stuff on my original Youtube account (the vids are so bad omf)

Later today I’m probably gonna upload a video of me dancing in my monkey onezie XD

For my covers, I’m working on Dazzling World on while I’m not working on my VA works (some of which are also singing) and collabs.

I’m also eating frozen yogurt XD

My sister works at a frozen yogurt shop and she gets a pint/or bowl thingie for free for every shift, whatever fits, she gets!


So I guess that’s it for today’s update, bai~!



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