If you watched my recent upload (from my original account), you might’ve noticed something a little strange… My voice!

If you want you can read the description but I guess I’ll go into some detail here???

Anyways, in the future I was/am planning on making Vocaloid like covers (robot-y) but this time I accidentally used an effect I didn’t mean to use. I really liked it though XD

So when I removed the effect I was like “Aww… Now my voice is boring…” so I kept it with the effect and added a vocoder to the fill track (with a good amount of decay 😉 )

♥If you want to hear the song with my normal mixing click here♥

(Plus downloads)

(boring compared to the robot-y thing right?)

I actually didn’t use any robot-like effects, those were my voice cracks XD


So I’m planning on doing a few more IDOLM@STER covers before I do some legit covers

The ones I have been doing are more like practice

I also have to finish for my lines like my Persona Q Manga Dub or my Wonderful Rush muse

I also made a personal (I have no life so it’s boring) Twitter which is @shsl_hyppo which is also in the sidebar


If you didn’t get the title of this post, my real name is Amor, and I love Danganronpa’s Mechamaru (Nekomaru).


So I guess that’s it for now… Bai!



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